I like to think that my Midwestern surroundings provide me with a fairly effective buzz shield. I’m able to see right through most of the artists hyped on the coasts. For every hyped artist out of NYC I can provide an equally engaging artist out of Clevo. Yet, with NYC’s Vampire Weekend, I’m going to tell you that in this case, the buzz may be justified. I picked up their three song EP, last Thursday — it’s a fun, addictive mix of Paul Simon/Peter Gabriel world beats, new wave, and (gasp) ska — and if I listen to it once, I end up listening to it three or four times in a row. Unlike most buzz bands, there’s nothing to “get” with Vampire Weekend. Simply put, these are solid songs with really memorable melodies.

MP3:Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

Vampire Weekend’s debut ep is available exclusively as a digital download from Other Music.

Vampire Weekend on Myspace