I just got word from the inbox that Two Cow Garage will be playing the Beachland on Saturday, August 25th. I don’t know how this news makes you feel, but I am stoked. Their third album, III, was the first disc in the history of I Rock Cleveland to hit ten on The Rockometer. In other words, this is going to be the Rock ‘N’ Roll show of the summer. More dates are available at Myspace.

The reunion rock won’t stop. The latest group to get the band back together is The Verve. Even with all the reunion talk that’s been going on in 07, I didn’t see this one coming. There’s a handful of live dates in England this fall, a new album in the works, and they’ve even gone and joined the Myspace revolution. Maybe the best part of all, we can stop pretending to like Richard Ashcroft’s solo material.

I’ve been waiting for this battle since I saw the release schedule months ago: Interpol vs Editors. Interpol’s Our Love To Admire comes out on July 10th and the following week, Editors release their second disc, An End Has A Start. The video for Interpol’s first single, “The Heinrich Maneuver,” debuted on Subterranean today, while Editors’ video for their first single, “Smokers Outside Hospital Doors” has been on youTube for the past month. I can already tell you how this one will play out: Interpol will get all the critical love, Editors will get panned by some of the more cynical outlets, yet still avoid the sophomore slump, and the results for “Joy Division” googles will go from 1,920,000, to over 2,000,000.