Live Shows in Cleveland Friday, June 29th to Thursday July, 5th.

Featured Shows:

Any description of Machine Go Boom invariably includes words like: sugar, spastic, helium. You can probably throw stuff like pop genius in there, too, but when the tunes come at you so fast and when your mind’s frantically bopping along trying to keep up, that kind of stuff tends to get overlooked.

Machine Go Boom – All The Way To PA [download]

Hallelujah the Hills had the misfortune of getting tagged with words like “Literary” and “Bookish” by Pitchfork, which for me translates to “Heavy” and “Pretentious,” and avoid at all costs. Thankfully, I bought Collective Psychosis Begone a couple weeks before its review hit. I was having so much fun with the guitar jangle and rousing choruses on this one that I barely noticed its nerdish side.

Hallelujah The Hills – Hallelujah The Hills [download]Hallelujah The Hills – Wave Backwards to Massachusetts [download]

Machine Go Boom share the stage with Hallelujah the Hills, Miranda Sound, and State of Ohio Friday night at The Parish Hall.

I’ve said plenty about Parts and Labor in these pages — stuff like they’re the future of punk rock, or that they’re the result of some weird studio experiment between Rick Rubin and R2D2, and hopefully that was enough to get you to listen. If not, well, I’m afraid that I’ve used up all my good lines. All I’ve got left is, click on that tune, go to the show, and prepare yourself for the awesomest.

Parts and Labor – Fractured Skies [download]

Parts and Labor play the Beachland Tavern Saturday night with Proletarian Art Threat and Self Destruct Button. Jerk will be playing an in-store at Music Saves before and after the show.

The curiosity factor runs high for Bang Camaro, a band with three guitarists with an unapologetic love for the solo, and 16 lead singers that crave big metal choruses. They’ll be at The Grog Shop Wednesday night, taking up every last inch of the stage with rock and roll.

Thursday night is a tough call. It’s either the garage, rockin’ sounds of the Mooney Suzuki at The Beachland Tavern, or the great guitar goddess Marnie Stern at The Grog Shop. If I’m in the mood to groove, then I’ll go with the Mooneys, but if I feel like shredding, I’ll have to go with Marnie Stern.

One final note, The Built to Spill show with Beaten Awake on Monday night at The Grog Shop is sold out.