Friday, July 6th to Thursday, July 12th

Friday night, some of the finest in the Cleveland punk scene come together for a show at Now That’s Class. Cheap Tragedies (feat former members of The Lovekill, 9 Shocks Terror, Amps II Eleven, etc) headline the bill with No Peace, Sun God, This Moment in Black History, and SMD.

Speaking of punk rock, legendary Australian punks, Radio Birdman, are at the Beachland Ballroom on Sunday night with Easy Action and Coffinberry. There’s a free after show in the Tavern with Machine Go Boom and Cheap Tragedies.

I don’t speak Icelandic, so I going to do my best job at translation here. Benni Hemm Hemm translated into English means, “Even though we may have 13 members in the band and play a communal style of indie pop popularized in Canada, we are not Canadian. We are from Iceland.” Fans of Broken Social Scene, or their myriad of side projects and related bands, will certainly find plenty to love in these well crafted Icelandic pop songs.

Benni Hemm Hemm – Snjór ljós snjór [download]

Benni Hemm Hemm are at the Beachland Tavern Sunday night with JJ Magazine and Colouring Books.

Don’t let their geography fool you. Though Low Water may be from Williamsburg, their brand of hyphen free rock music has more in common with the rust belt than expensive, trendy, studded belts. Low Water are playing the Beachland Tavern Wednesday night with Mystery of Two and Lazy Susan.

Low Water – Midas Hour [download]

Low Water will also be at the Zephyr Pub in Kent on Monday night.

Also going on Wednesday night, two of my favorite bands from Northeast, Oh, The Very Knees, and Beaten Awake, are at The Tower with The Poison Control Center.

The Very Knees – Pour Poor Moi [youtube]

Regular readers of I Rock Cleveland, or much more influential outlets like Pitchfork, should already be familiar with Fujiya & Miyagi, but who’s this Project Jenny, Project Jan, who are opening the show? From what I’ve been able to learn, there is no Jenny and there is no Jan in Project Jenny, Project Jan. Even more surprising, Project Jenny, Project Jan are dudes and Jenny and Jan are merely this electronic duo’s mascots. Nevertheless, their kitschy, catchy electro pop should go over well with those who show up early for Fujiya and Miyagi.

Fujiya and Miyagi – Ankle Injuries [youtube]Project Jenny, Project Jan – 320 [download]

Fujiya and Miyagi, Project Jenny, Project Jan, the Parlour Boys, and Ken Rei are at the Grog Shop, Thursday, July 12th.