The last time I featured Florence and The Machine, it was for the dirty, bluesy ballad My Boy Builds Coffins. Man, that tune was all kinds of powerful. Is it even possible to out blues a tune about a relationship in it’s death throes and a boyfriend in the coffin business? This number, “I’m Goin’ Down,” isn’t that kind of number. It’s a loose, playful, and free take on the Springsteen tune from the Born in The USA album.

MP3:Florence and The Machine feat. Kid Harpoon – I’m Goin’ Down

Don’t thank me, thank Robert English from the Tripwire Podcast for introducing us to Florence and The Machine. If you visit Florence and The Machine on Myspace, there’s a second song, “Girl With 1 Eye,” available for download. Now that’s a tune for the downtrodden, whiskey and cigarette crew.

Florence and The Machine