Here’s what I can tell you about this new one by The Mae Shi. It’s from a new album, quite possibly titled, HLLYH. I don’t know when or on what label the album that may be titled HLLYH may be coming out. I can tell you that damn near every lo-fi, bedroom punk band that comes through my inbox loves to name drop The Mae Shi — No Age, Health, Abe Vigoda — they all have some connection to this band. Some people like to compare The Mae Shi to Deerhoof. I don’t. While both bands can be spazzy and unpredictable, The Mae Shi, have a bit more melody about them, they aren’t afraid of the traditional song structure, and most importantly, they don’t grate my eardrums like Deerhoof do. Lastly (this is the part that you should be paying attention to), I can tell you that this tune, “Lamb and Lion” rocks pretty f’n hard.

MP3:The Mae Shi – Lamb and Lion

The Mae Shi