To quote Iggy Pop, “Who’s This? This sh*t is good.” Who, would happen to be The Blakes, a Rock ‘N’ Roll trio out of Seattle, and that sh*t, I’m assuming to be some of their tunes. It’s not surprising to hear such a compliment from the godfather of punk once you hear The Blakes. Their sound recalls the early fury of Iggy and The Stooges, the swagger of the Stones, and the grandeur of Cheap Trick.

“Pistol Grip” is the type of number that would have surely gotten Iggy’s attention. It’s a song for bad asses and aspiring bad asses. It features rabid and rugged guitar work, throbbing rhythms and syncopated hand claps that recall another song for bad asses, The Stooges classic, “No Fun.” Guitarist and vocalist, Garnet Keim, doesn’t sing as much as he serves lines like “I’ve got a pistol grip/hangin’ on to my left hip,” with a cocksure sneer. I feel noticeably badder just listening to it.

MP3:The Blakes – Pistol Grip

The Blakes’ Streets EP will be out August 21st on Light In The Attic. It’s five songs and 13 minutes that’s about 5 songs and 13 minutes too short. I’ve had this ep for not even a week, and I’m already jonesing for the full length.

The Blakes
Light In The Attic