Like the all inclusive genre indie, psychedelic music is one of those terms whose meaning has become diluted over the years. It can include freak-folk, space rock, drone, and just about anything else that would sound better with a couple big bong hits. The Phantom Family Halo hearken back to a time when psychedelic meant oozy, spooky, and sludgy rock and roll played at the speed of a lava lamp , and slow tunes packaged with the right mood enhancers could lead to an honest to goodness freak out. These compositions are spacious, bordering on minimalist, yet when listened to attentively, they reveal another level of artisty where subtle touches become integral in creating that creeping, ominous vibe.

MP3:The Phantom Family Halo – Black River
MP3:The Phantom Family Halo – Lady Blue

Stream The Legend of Black Six by The Phantom Family Halo

The Phantom Family Halo
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