It’s like a fishing story. When I think back to when I saw Kevin Drew perform as part of Broken Social Scene last fall at the House of Blues, I’m convinced that they had seven, or eight, or more dudes than that playing guitar at once. Who knows what the real number was. All I remember was that the guitar sound was huge and they needed an army of guitar playing dudes to make it happen.

The number “Backed Out on the…” from the album “Spirit If…” features a similarly huge guitar sound. Drew and J Mascis are the only guitarists credited on this tune, yet the two of them manage to create a wailing, wall of sound that is ginormous.

Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew – Backed Out On The [wmv video and qt video]

Spirit If…by BSS Pres. Kevin Drew is due out September 18th on Arts and Crafts. With any luck, they’ll do another preemptive strike on the leakers and release the digital copy early.

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