I would have most definitely said something sooner, but I just got word from Tim Byron of The Mae Shi yesterday that they’re playing a show at The Tower tonight. If you want to make wild assumptions about the quality of their show by the quantity of their gear, then it’s going to be an extra fantastic show. You could also take my advice, and I’d tell you the same thing.

The Mae Shi – Run To Your Grave [download]

More Good news for fans of the Mae Shi, I’ve finally got some details on their next full length. If you have a few bucks and a dusty boom box in your bedroom closet, you can pick up HLLLYH on cassette at one of their live gigs. For those of you who like living in the digital age, HLLLYH will be released on cd and digital download on Moshi Moshi this November.

HLLLYH Track Listing:

1. Lamb & Lion
3. Boys in the Attic
4. 7 X X 7
5. The Melody
6. Leech & Locust
7. Run to Your Grave
8. Kingdom Come
9. I Get (Almost) Everything I Want
10. Young Marks
11. Party Politics
12. Book of Numbers
14. Divine Harvest

The Mae Shi
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Moshi Moshi

photo by Yerin Mok