The Dap Kings have been busying themselves of late backing a certain British soul singer who’s skilled at boozing and making headlines about boozing. They also back a certain Ms. Sharon Jones, who should be making headlines with her soul. I’ll take her stirring voice over booze, tatoos, and tabloids any day.

MP3:Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings – 100 Days

One Hundred Days and One Hundred Nights by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings will be out October 2nd on Daptone Records.

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings
Daptone Records

There’s lonely, and then there’s lonely as sung by Nathaniel Mayer. Backed by some heavy hitters in the modern garage rock scene, including Matthew Smith(Outrageous Cherry), Dave Shettler (SSM/The Sights), Tong Gregory (The Dirtbombs) and Akron’s own Dan Auerbach, no parentheses needed, this old-time soul singer howls out the pain along side some seriously dark and ominous rhythms. “I’m a Lonely Man” makes every other sad sack out there sound perfectly happy.

MP3:Nathaniel Mayer – I’m a Lonely Man

Nathaniel Mayer

Alive Records