I’m a big fan of these Dead Bees Records samplers, and not just because they’re available for free or next to it, but it seems on every release there’s a handful of bands that I’ve never heard of that blow my mind. Past releases have featured bands like The Black Angels and Blitzen Trapper long before they attained much stateside buzz. On their latest release, Volume 6, the one track that I keep coming back to is “Alright” by the UK band, The Koolaid Electric Company.

This track isn’t special because the Koolaid kids are doing anything new or groundbreaking, rather, it’s because they do their classic psychedelica and shoegaze thing really damn well. “Alright” starts with nothing more than cool, shrouded vocals and a slide guitar. By the second verse, guitar, bass, and drums enter the track, all playing on the same beat. It’s not until the four minute mark that the full sound of “Alright” is fully realized, and then, it’s a two minute jam. Fans of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ride, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, meet your new top jam.

MP3:The Koolaid Electric Company – Alright

The Koolaid Electric Company