So, I read the news today and Dan Snaith, aka, Caribou, has earned himself quite a complimentary review from Stylus for his new disc Andorra. I have a feeling that this is only the beginning of the praise parade. Caribou’s blend of warm synths, light beats, and airy vocals combined with generous helpings of sunny California psychedelic rock, Beach Boys, and Beatles, is a mix custom made for today’s indie sensibilities. Lead number, “Melody Day,” is nearly flawless. I keep thinking back to the tune Noel Gallagher did with The Chemical Brothers a few years back, “Setting Sun.” It doesn’t necessarily sound like “Setting Sun,” but it certainly shares its spirit. The sounds aren’t merely audible, they’re also visible. Close your eyes and you can easily envision a wide palette of colors gently whooshing all around you.

MP3:Caribou – Melody Day

Andorra by Caribou will be out this Tuesday on Merge Records.

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