Do yourself a favor. Before you click play on this tune, remove from your mind any memory you may have of Foghat covering the Willie Dixon blues classic, “I Just Want to Make Love to You.” My reasons for forgetting Foghat involve a rib cook off in Akron with Foghat, Iron Butterfly, Mountain, and a bunch of really big and really drunk biker dudes wanting to kick my ass. Your reason should be Foghat. ‘Nuff said.

Now, Radio Moscow, they do this song the way it’s meant to be done, with volcalist/guitarist Parker Griggs channeling his inner Hendrix as he and his bandmates deliver a thick, sticky, and dirty rumble through the blues.

MP3:Radio Moscow – I Just Want to Make Love to You

Radio Moscow’s debut disc is out now on Alive Records and they have a slew of tour dates coming up for the midwest, east coast, and the southeast.

Radio Moscow