Donewaiting published a very interesting rumor about punk rocker extraordinaire, Jay Reatard: apparently there’s a bidding war going on between a mid-major (Matador) and a couple majors for his services, and one of the majors may have won. Now that’s f’n interesting..

Jay Reatard – Fading All Away (Live)

Jay Reatard is playing Now That’s Class on Friday with Holy Shit, Grave Blankets, Sickjoys, and Puncture Wound.

It’s been a good run, but the Lime Spider is putting on its final show this Saturday featuring two bands who have played many shows at Akron’s home of Rock ‘N’ Roll over the past few years: Interfuse and The Patrick Sweaney Band.

Audio Eagle Records is hosting a free showcase at The Beachland Tavern on Saturday with Houseguest, Beaten Awake, Southeast Engine, and Strange Division.

The Zephyr Pub in Kent is pretty stoked about the show they’ve got going on Sunday night, and for good reason. Shit’s gonna get loud and heavy with Columbus’ Teeth of The Hydra and Clevo’s own This Moment in Black History.

One more show of note before I’m over and out: Heavy Trash feat. John Spencer at The Grog Shop on Wednesday night.

Mark it Down:

The Black Angels never ending tour is finding it’s way back to Cleveland. They’ll be at The Beachland Ballroom on October 19th, and it’s safe to say, I Rock Cleveland will be there.