It isn’t my intention to turn I Rock Cleveland into All Jay Reatard All The Time, but after seeing him live this past Friday, I’ve had these recurring visions of white Flying V’s shredding in my head. Plus, after posting my review of Friday’s show, I came across this. Yep, Jay Reatard has joined the growing legion of musician/bloggers, and refreshingly, his blog is filled with demos, rarities, and practice tapes. There’s a tune from his short lived metal band, Winter Coffins, a rough mix from the Final Solutions, and a noise number inspired by Deerhunter. There’s lots of goodness to be found, but my favorites happen to be these two acoustic demos, “Wounded” and “No Time to Feel Right,” and “Let It All Go,” described as the result of a really unproductive home recording plan.

MP3:Jay Reatard – Let It All Go
MP3:Jay Reatard – No Time to Feel Right
MP3:Jay Reatard – Wounded

And, this one isn’t a demo, but for the sake of you who don’t understand why I’m reatarded for Jay Reatard, here’s my favorite cut from 2006’s Blood Visions.

Jay Reatard – Fading All Away [download]

Jay Reatard