I know I said earlier that I planned on catching Beaten Awake for the second time in a week on this Friday. They’re playing the Grog Shop with Salt and Samovar and Black Girls. Well, that was before I remembered the Parish Hall’s last gig is going on this Friday, too. Mystery of Two is celebrating the release of their latest disc, Arrows Are All You Know, with The Dreadful Yawns and JJ Magazine. The website, says something about a taco bar, too. I love tacos. And Mystery of Two.

This is going to be such a tough call. Maybe I’ll toss a coin to decide. It worked so well for Romeo Crennel when he picked Charlier Frye as the starting QB for the Browns’ first exhibition game by a coin toss. Oh wait, that didn’t work out so well for Charlie Frye, did it. He got traded for 10 pounds of Pacific salmon and a bag of balls. And the Browns didn’t look so hot last weekend either. Hmm…Looks like I’ll consult the magic 8 ball instead.

Saturday WRUW, is hosting the 25th anniversary edition of Studio-Rama, and this year’s headliners are Enon. This is a free, all day concert taking place outside of the WRUW studios. Also schedule to perform are Mystery of Two, Chum, and the proverbial, many more. You can get a full schedule of events here.

The Teenage Prayers are playing Sunday night at Pat’s in the Flats with Humphry Clinker and Unicron. I’m a big fan of they’re last release, 2005’s Ten Songs, and its mix of gospel, soul, and pure Rock ‘N’ Roll. If you need a preview check out that myspace place for “Annhilation.”

From an email I received earlier in the week, Holly Golightly is the latest UK musician to have visa issues complicate her tour plans. The first few dates of her US tour have been postponed, making Monday night’s gig at the Beachland Tavern the opening night of her two month trek. Goodmorning Valentine open.

Boston Punks, The Dropkick Murphys have a new album out next Tuesday, The Meanest of Times (streaming now at myspace). They’ll be in Cleveland Tuesday night at the Agora. There will be some songs about drinking, some songs about the working man, more songs about drinking, and maybe some songs about brotherhood, too. Did I mention the part about the Irish drinking songs? Good times.

The Dropkick Murphys – I’m Shipping Up to Boston [youtube]The Dropkick Murphys – Skinhead on the MBTA (live)[youtube]

Mark It Down:

Broken Social scene plays Kevin Drew’s Spirit If, on November 9th at the HOB. Tix go on sale this Friday.

The Flaming Lips show on September 30th is sold out. It’s sponsored by Joe Camel, so there’s bound to be some free tickets to be had.

The Walkmen are replacing the Cave Singers and taking the spot of the headliners for the Black Mountain and Dreadful Yawns show on October 13th at The Grog Shop.