The Grog Shop is celebrating its 15th Anniversary Weekend Turbonegro and Nick Oliveri and the Mondo Generator on Friday, Hank Williams III on Saturday (sold out), and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Stereo Workers Union, and Coffinberry on Sunday.

Against my better judgment, I’m including a live clip of Turbonegro performing “I Got Erection.” If you don’t like cock rockers singing about boners, and dudes with firecrackers sticking out of their asses, this video may not be for you.

Also going on this weekend, Music Saves is sponsoring a low dough show at the Beachland Tavern with Trouble Books, Brian Straw, and Muttering Retreats on Friday night, The Afternoon Naps are hosting an afternoon release party at the Tavern on Saturday at 1, and Sunday night, Joe Jack Talcum, guitarist for the legendary Dead Milkmen, will be at Tower 2012 with his band, The Low Budgets.

The Low Budgets – Wipe My Ass With The World

Iron and Wine will be releasing their latest cd on Tuesday, they’re playing at the Beachland Ballroom Monday night with Arthur and Yu, and Sin Ropas. Can you say extra special cd release party?

Wednesday features two shows that I would be checking out if they weren’t on the same night on different sides of town. Dragons of Zynth at Tower 2012 with Shock Cinema, and The Black Lips, Selmanaries, and The Pages at The Beachland Ballroom. I have a feeling eclectic, up and comers, Dragons of Zynth, would put on a mean show, but The Black Lips, are more or less notorious, for their stage antics. I’ve heard the stories about intra band make out sessions, boozing, and pissings, too. I’ve only been privy to the Black Lips’ shenanigans on minor scale, nothing legendary. And that’s part of their draw. Sure, I dig the tunes, but there’s always that chance that you’ll see a performance worthy of urban legend.