Let’s take a trip in the wayback machine for a moment, to Love and Rockets’ loud, rapturous ode to chrome, “Motorcycle.” [youtube] I don’t ride myself, but there’s no doubting its absolute power — the confidence and cockiness of sitting atop a polished, well-oiled machine, dark sunglasses on, wind in the hair, the open road ahead. It’s like a recipe for instant bad*ss, where you just add headphones.

Now, contrast that with Signing Choir’s, “Motor.” Its endearing, lo-fi production, and filtered, rickety guitar riff doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, much less cockiness. It’s as if the bike was found in the front yard of a decrepit house on an old country road with a sign that read “Please Take Me.” You and your best bud have been rebuilding it for months in his garage, and neither of you have ever worked on a motorcycle before. Still, the draw of the highway is too great. You finally have the bike ready for your first ride when you notice a little angel on one shoulder. He politely taps, and reminds you, “You’re going to kill yourself if you take that thing on the road,” while the devil on the other shoulder unleashes a rebel yell, “MOTORCYCLE!!!” You kickstart the engine and scream “MOTORCYCLE!!!” on your way down the drive.

MP3:Signing Choir – Motor

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