I cannot believe what I found on Youtube. I was looking for old videos of Prisonshake, but when I found someone who shot live footage of Prisonshake some 18 years ago, I figured they had to have more goodness, and they did: 20+ minutes of footage from Cleveland power pop legends, The Mice, performing live on the campus of Case in 1988. It gets better. Their set included the unreleased tracks “American Pagan Girl” and “I Crossed the Mighty Ocean.” Youtube, I love you as much as any man can love a website.

The Mice Pt 1 feat “Rescue You Too”, “I Crossed the Mighty Ocean” (?) and interview segment

The Mice Pt 2 feat. “A Legal Matter” by The Who and interview segment Pt 2 (where Bill Fox mentions the band’s unreleased third album) and a third song “Love Ain’t No Feeling”

The Mice Pt 3. feat “Blitzkrieg Bop” by The Ramones, “The Good’s Gone” by The Who, and “American Pagan Girl”

The Mice on Scat Records

Thank you, thank you, thank you to eyeseemusic for these amazing videos of one of the great Cleveland rock bands of our past.