I swear if I find out you took the time to download “Werewolf” by Bear in Heaven, and only listened to the first minute of this song, I will travel through the pipes and the internets and into your living room, bed room, place of employment, or wherever the pipes lead me, and personally lop off that digit that hit the skip button. Similarly, if I find you you made it through the ambient musings of the first minute and gave up before the second minute and its throbbing, pulsating, brown out, again, you will lose your most precious mouse clicking finger. Conversely, if you stick with this song, through its slight, delicate beginning, through its false starts, impromptu jolts, a cappella breakdowns, and on to the bold, skull twisting conclusion, you will be rewarded handsomely. So what will it be? No more mouse clicking finger, or the handsome rewards?

MP3:Bear in Heaven – Werewolf (Single Edit)

Red Bloom of the Boom will be out October 23rd on Hometapes.

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