Ungdomskulen. I can’t pronounce it, I can barely describe it, but damn, if it doesn’t sound amazing. On “Modern Drummer,” this Norwegian trio covers jazz, dance punk, metal, scuzz, and fuzz, and all of this occurs during five and a half, wild minutes. Most impressive, is the fact that Ungdomskulen are able to avoid the most common pitfall for everything-but-the bands, namely, wankery. One would think that the words jazz and metal in the same sentence would all but guarantee a fair amount of wankery. Yet, thanks to their god given ability (and their god given ADD), they never get stuck in one movement too long, and their transitions from improvisation, to rump shaking dance punk, to grand wall of sound guitars, are quick, seamless, and utterly sound.

MP3:Ungdomskulen – Modern Drummer

Cry Baby by Ungdomskulen is out now on Ever Records. There are a handful of dates in the states in the coming weeks including a show during CMJ, and a live broadcast from the University of Cincinnati on October 23rd. Check that myspace place for more details.

Ungdomskulen Myspace
Ever Records

photo by Jane Stockdale