Audio Eagle Records has announced the track list for their upcoming compilation, Inspirational Jock Jamz. As my friends at Donewaiting can attest, a mix of all the great sounds coming out of Ohio these days could easily span two or three discs, making the job of curating this mix no easy task.

Inspirational Jock Jamz includes some of the biggest names in Ohio Rock (Robert Pollard with the Circus Devils and The Black Keys), tracks from some of my favorite local releases from 2007, including Machine Go Boom’s Music for Parents, Coffinberry’s God Dam Dogs, and Six Parts Sevens’ Casually Smashed to Pieces, as well as cuts from the first three Audio Eagle Releases (Beaten Awake’s Let’s Get Simplified, Houseguest’s High Strangeness, and The Party Dream’s Bloodsongs). Inspirational Jock Jamz should be available this November, making it a perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Audio Eagle Records Ohio Mix 2007: Inspirational Jock Jamz

1. Doug Gillard – For What I’ve Done (North Carolina/Cleveland)
2. Goodbye Ohio – Gabrial (Akron)
3. Coffinberry – Earthworms In the Sun (Cleveland)
4. Machine Go Boom – Gentleman’s Reply (Cleveland)
5. The Same Things – Red Carpet (Akron)
6. JJ Magazine – Dinner (Cleveland)
7. Beaten Awake – It’s a Bubble Bath of Sharks!!! (Kent)
8. Buffalo Killers – The Path Before Me (Cincinnati)
9. The Black Keys – Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down (Akron)
10. Six Parts Seven – Stolen Moments (Kent)
11. Circus Devils – In Madonna’s Gazebo (Akron/Dayton)
12. Deathly Fighter – New Variations on Themes (Columbus)
13. Brainbow – Secret Histories (Columbus)
14. Southeast Engine – We Have You Surrounded (Athens)
15. The Strange Division – New Way of Thinking (Akron)
16. Hell’s Information – Song Six (Akron)
17. Heartless Bastards – All This Time (Cincinnati)
18. Houseguest – King of Crystal Skies (Akron)
19. Celebrity Pilots – Let the Shade Shine In (Cleveland)
20. Gil Mantera’s Party Dream – Chalklit Pyhe II (Youngstown)

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