Scene: A throng of disheveled, yet rather hip looking twenty-somethings have gathered in a city square. A mild mannered, Midwestern man emerges from the crowd and walks up to a small podium. He addresses the crowd.

Mild Mannered Midwestern Man: Everyone knows why we’re gathered here today. On this glorious 10th day of Octboer, a very important Rock ‘N’ Roll band by the name of Radiohead have released their very important album, In Rainbows, to the people. Can any of you tell me what we’re supposed to do on this most wonderful of days?

Crowd Member 1: Jump to conclusions!

Crowd Member 2: Write lavish praise about it!

Crowd Member 3: Mega Upload it! Rapid Share It! Torrent it! You Send It!

Crowd Member 4: Burn Radiohead! Burn them!

Crowd Member 5: OMG! OMG! OMG!

MMMM: Where did you people come from? The internet? Find some place quiet. Listen to the album. Let it sink in. Enjoy it.

Crowd Member 4: Burn them!

The crowd is in an uproar as a visibly distraught, mild mannered, Midwestern man leaves the square.