I’m back from my one day Radiohead vacation, and I’m in need of some refreshment. So much drama. So much emotion. I could only listen to the most important album of October 11th, 2007, for so long before it got so heavy that I needed an aural cleansing, and the best thing I know to clean the listening palette is good old fashioned, riff heavy Rock ‘N’ Roll music.

The first time through Kinski’s “Punching Goodbye Out Front” I had a hard time believing that it was over in less than 3 minutes. Brevity is not something I normally associate with thick acid rock for the lava lamp staring set. Shouldn’t these riffs go on for five, or six, or seven minutes? Shouldn’t there be three verses, three movements, and three minute solos? Am I missing something? Oh, yes, there’s a repeat button.

MP3:Kinski – Punching Goodbye Out Front

Kinski’s Down Below It’s Chaos is out now on Subpop. They will be at the Grog Shop November 3rd with Flat Can Co. and Brainbow.

Kinski Myspace

photo by Brooks Munro