I can’t think of anyone better for a Friday show in Rocktober than the Black Angels. This will be their fourth Cleveland show in the past two years, and they’ve yet to disappoint. People are still talking about their last appearance in April when these Austin psychedelic rockers ended their show with a fierce cover of The Stooge’s “I Wanna Be Your Dog” then went into an extended, 20 minute freak out jam until the wee hours of Monday morning. The Black Angels with Stereo Workers Union @ The Beachland Ballroom Friday night.

We’ve got some news coming in from Beaten Awake. They recently scored the opening slot for Dax Riggs’ (of Deadboy and Elephentmen) fall tour. Friday night they’ll be playing a warm up gig at the Zephyr in Kent. The Dax Riggs/Beaten Awake tour will also be making a stop in Cleveland on November 13th. Full dates can be found at Beaten Awake’s place on Myspace.

Gowns released Red State way back in April and I’m still shocked, yes shocked, that this album has yet to pick up a larger audience. It’s by far one of the best releases I’ve heard this year, and as far as experimental/art/noise/what-have-you rock goes, it doesn’t get better than the eight minutes of White Like Heaven. Gowns, Roue, Low Lamps @ Pat’s in the Flats Saturday night.

Gowns – White Like Heaven (Live at the hemlock in San Francisco on April 29th, 2007)

Rad Warehouses, Bad Neighborhoods? Remind you of any venues around town? Not only is it an apt description of the DIY venue, Tower 2012, but it’s also the name of the Deathset’s latest album. Rarely has there been a band a venue so perfectly matched. You have the rabid, spazzness of the Deathset and the DIY venue housed in an old Chinese restaurant. This show just wouldn’t be as compelling if it was in one of the traditional venues. Pre and The Deathset @ Tower 2012 Wednesday night.

The Deathset – Negative Thinking/Intermission

Also this week:

Sat: 1990s, JJ Magazine, and Lyle Machine and the Brigade @ Beachland Tavern (I would certainly be rocking this show if it wasn’t for Gowns/Roue/Low Lamps @ Pat’s in the Flats) and The Science Logic, The Silent Years, Joshua Jesty, The Suede Brothers at The Davenport.
Mon: Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver) and Artificial Sweeteners @ Beachland Tavern
Tues: American Princes @ Beachland Tavern
Weds: Drive by Truckers @ Beachland Ballroom
Thurs: Ween @ House of Blues, Gringo Starr and Dreadful Yawns @ Beachland Tavern, and Enon, Octopus Project, Very Knees @ the Grog Shop