Normally, when an album gets itself on eternal repeat at IRCWHQ it’s either nap time, hangover time, or some combination of those two factors making the act of turning off the repeat button a monumental task. Now, while I can’t deny my lazy Saturday had some part in the number of times I heard Tulsa’s I Was Submerged over the weekend, another, more important factor came into play: these roots rockers from Massachusettes have put out a damn solid EP.

It’s safe to say that fans of reverb heavy roots rock like Band of Horses or My Morning Jacket will immediately find comfort with Tulsa’s recordings. Still, I feel there’s something else going on here. I come across countless records that work on the familiarity of one band, or one sound, that don’t resonate quite as well as I Was Submerged. Vocalist Carter Tanton has a strong, engaging voice, and there’s always the hard to explain quality of “good songwriting” (I don’t know what it means either, but I know it when I hear it). It could also be as simple as the fact that winter’s nearing, and the time is right for warm, rustic rock. With a little more time, I may be able to come up with a few more reasons, meanwhile, I suggest checking those links and pressing play.

MP3:Tulsa – Shaker
MP3:Tulsa – Mass

I Was Submerged by Tulsa is out now on Park the Van Records

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