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I Rock Cleveland I Rock Cleveland | 2007 | November


"Jean Jacket" by The Trolleyvox

Warning: Repeated plays of "Jean Jacket" by The Trolleyvox may result in a four syllable earworm becoming inextricably wedged in your head. It ...
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Where to Rock It: Friday, November 30th, to Thursday, December 6th

Can't get "Feliz Navidad" out of your head? I think I've found a sure fire cure. The Ohio Experimental Music Festival is taking place in Columbus ...
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Double Shot of Rock from Untitled Musical Project and The Radishes

While there may be no point in labeling a band as the next Mclusky when we already have the next Mclusky with Future of the Left, a band featur...
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"Pinkies" by The Big Sleep

When I'm an old dude and my hearing's completely gone, one of the band's I'll be cursing will be The Big Sleep. They won't be the only band to ...
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"The Basement/Enfant Terrible" by Yea Big and Kid Static

I remember the night of August 8th, 2007 just like it happened 3 1/2 months ago. The Mae Shi came to town with the Chicago hip-hop duo Yea Big ...
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Win The Libertines’ Time for Heroes in Time for The Holidays

Why The Libertines and why now? Because three years after Pete Doherty's drug problems dissolved his partnership with Carl Barat, John Hassall, ...
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"See and Be Scene" by The Hard Lessons

Where have all the moogs gone? There was a time, oh, I don't know, maybe five or so years ago, where all the cool kids were infusing their ...
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The Rockometer feat. Burial and Floratone

Burial UntrueHyperdub2007The rise of the South London-based dubstep artist, Burial, runs counter to everything we've been told about succeeding as ...
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