I’m a big fan of Kinski’s sound. It’s equal parts classic Seattle rock, and heady, instrumental stoner rock jams. So, imagine my disappointment when their sound was plagued by some nagging issues throughout their set. The levels seemed to be off a bit, and there wasn’t much cohesion between guitars, keys, and bass. Then, there was that splat. At first, I was convinced that the elusive electro-charged splatting noise was coming from the bass. Then, once I convinced myself it wasn’t the bass, I set my sights on the drums. A couple songs in, when guitarist and sometimes vocalist, Chris Martin (no, not that one) thanked openers Brainbow for borrowing some gear, my suspicions were focused on the guitar as the source of their issues. I still wasn’t 100% convinced that the guitar was to blame, but something was definitely amiss. I would have loved to have seen Kinski on a good night, when they were playing with their own gear, and had their sound exactly the way it should be.

The middle band of the three act bill, Flat Can Co. were quite a sight: there were three older dudes and one sexed up sexstress in a skimpy police woman outfit making a filthy racket on stage. Near the end of their set something resembling melody emerged. I nearly missed it — my mind was busy with other things.

When I walked into the Grog Shop, there were four scruffy-looking dudes and one sharply dressed dude, sporting his best argyle, already into their set. They were all well versed in the Mogwai school of dynamic rock. This was Brainbow. The magic happened when they put down the bass, set aside the keys, and three of the scruffy dudes and the one sharply dressed dude took up their guitars, stepped on the pedals, and jammed on slow, heavy, arching melodies. I met up with one of the scruffy fellas from Brainbow after their set and told him that I’ve been digging their one song on the new Audio Eagle comp and I would have totally bought some of their sh*t, if they were selling any sh*t. I was told that they’ll have a new album in hand when they return to Cleveland in the Spring.

Kinski – Plan, Steal, Drive [download]Brainbow – Secret Histories [download]