When I get around to compiling 2007’s Year End Extravaganza Bonanza, Gowns‘ fascinating Red State, and it’s captivating mix of folk/noise/art/experimental/what have you, will certainly have a spot on the top half of my album of the year list, and the gorgeously brittle “White Like Heaven” will likely find a spot in the top half of my song of the year list. I can’t tell you how high they’ll place on the album or the singles chart. I barely know what I’ll be doing five minutes from now, let alone what I’ll be doing a month from now. One thing I do know, however, is that while Red State was released back in March, it has still managed to go relatively unnoticed. This is where the good folk at Paper Thin Walls come into play. They’re hosting a listening party for Red State this week, and if you’re one of those who haven’t noticed this album yet, I suggest clicking on that link and doing some noticing.

Gowns Full Album Stream and Interview via Paper Thin Walls

Gowns on Myspace