This past August, The Brian Jonestown Massacre released the rough edit of their newest album, My Bloody Underground, via torrent and zip file upon the unsuspecting denizens of the internet. Since that time, BJM’s Anton Newcombe has been keeping himself busy with the accompanying DVD release to the album, Book of Days. For the past couple months, videos for My Bloody Underground have been released one by one onto Youtube. With today’s release of “Yeah Yeah,” Book of Days is now complete.

I realize that over an hour of The Brain Jonestown Massacre on a tiny screen is a lot (the player at the top of the post contains all videos), but let’s be honest here. If you’re stuck at a desk job today, then this is a great way to kill time before you sneak outta work early for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Dropping Bombs on The White House [youtube]Infinite Wisdom Tooth (My Last Night in Bed With You [youtube]Who’s F*cking Pissed in my Well [youtube]We Are the N* of the World [youtube]Who Cares Why [youtube]Yeah Yeah [youtube]Golden Frost [youtube]Kicking Jesus [youtube]Photographs [youtube]Automatic F* for the People [youtube]Dark Wave Driver/Big Drill Car [youtube]Monkey Powder [youtube]Black Hole Symphony [youtube]

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