Can’t get “Feliz Navidad” out of your head? I think I’ve found a sure fire cure. The Ohio Experimental Music Festival is taking place in Columbus this weekend with all sorts of noise from all over Ohio.

Friday, Nov. 30th at Bourbon Street (2216 Summit St., Columbus, OH)

Sword Heaven (Cbus) 2:00
Realicide (Cinci) 1:15
Shane Mackenzie/ Spencer Yeh (Delaware/ Cinci) 12:30
Puffy Areolas (Toledo) 11:45
Thursday Club (Cleveland) 11:00
Foreign Soil (Dayton) 10:15
Swamp Leather (Cbus) 9:30 “grudge set”

DJ: Shane Mackenzie + Van Gallery will be showing the video work of Randy Hunter (curated by Ryan Agnew) outside of Bourbon Street

Saturday, Dec. 1st at Skylab (57 E. Gay St., Downtown, 5th Floor, Columbus, OH)

Jason Zeh and David Reed (BG/ Cbus) 12:30
Lambsbread (Delaware) 12:00
Wasteland Jazz Organs (Cinci) 11:30
Kult of Unicron (Dayton) 11:00
Bee Mask (Cleveland) 10:30
Mike Shiflet (cbus) 10:00
Queen Mae and the Bells (Cbus) 9:30
Lesniak/ Hearts of Palm (Cinci) 9:00
Country of Chad (Cbus) 8:30
Fluxmonkey (Cleveland) 8:00
Small Life (Dayton) 7:30
Skin Graft (Cleveland) 7:00
Larry Marotta (Cbus) 6:30
Bob Newsted (BG) 6:00
Sonitus Intortus (Cinci) 5:30
Twink Bully (Cbus) 5:00

Van Gallery will also be showing the video work of Randy Hunter (curated by Ryan Agnew) outside of Skylab

Sunday, Dec. 2nd at The Farm (3645 Bunty Station Rd., Delaware, OH)

Emeralds (Cleveland)
Kathy and Shane (Delaware)
IOVAE (Cinci)
Ralph Hausmann (Cleveland)
Brad Griggs (Cbus)
Ty Owen (Athens)
Face Place (Cbus)

Sunday’s show will start early in the evening. That’s as specific as it gets.

For those of you hip to the whole melody thing, Cleveland’s finest indie popsters Bears, headline a triple bill tonight at The Grog Shop Friday night with Southeast Engine and Afternoon Naps…Sunday night in Kent, it’s a Cleveland invasion when Mystery of Two, JJ Magazine, and State of Ohio take over The Zephyr…Monday night at the Grog Shop, Unsparing Sea, a band first profiled at I Rock Cleveland last week, will be opening for This Will Destroy You and Unwed Sailor…Need a cure for tinnitus from the Ohio Experimental Music Fest? I’d suggest the soothing sounds of the acoustic troubadour Jose Gonzalez Tuesday night at the Grog Shop…Rounding out this week’s shows, King Khan and BBQ Show are bringing their two man garage rock band to Now That’s Class Wednesday night with Night of Pleasure and Humanoids.

King Khan & BBQ Show – I Love You So (live)