Warning: Repeated plays of “Jean Jacket” by The Trolleyvox may result in a four syllable earworm becoming inextricably wedged in your head. It may hit you when your brushing your teeth, “Mmm…jean jacket.” When you’re driving your car, “Mmm…jean jacket.” Or, when your killing time at your desk job with a bag of cheetos, “Mmm…jean jacket.” I suppose as far as earworms go, it’s a lot better than “Who let the dogs out. Hooh! Hooh! Hooh!” or “Everything I do I do it for you.” However, the problem with this particular strain of earworm, is since there’s only four syllables rummaging through your mind, you’re missing out on all those wonderfully bright guitar tones reminiscent of The Beatles’ “Ticket to Ride.” The solution to this problem, of course, is to give “Jean Jacket” another play.

MP3:The Trolleyvox – Jean Jacket
The Trolleyvox – Jean Jacket [youtube]

The Trolleyvox’s double album, Your Secret is Safe/Luzerne is out now on Transit of Venus Records.

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