It’s that time of year again, when bloggers and critics are making their year end lists and checking them twice. Here at IRCWHQ, I’ve been busy revisiting all of the contenders for album of the year and single of the year, and hopefully, by week’s end I’ll have the top 10 albums of the year sorted. Like 2006, the Year End Extravaganza Bonanza will also include a top 40 song countdown and a series of awards for best artist (The Excellence in Awesomeness Award), NE Ohio band of the year (The Grand Michael Stanley Band Award), best new artist (New Kid on the Rock Block Award), and the artist who could most use a whack from a rusty shovel in the back of the head (The Rusty Shovel Award).

Now, here’s where the chorus from the Piebald tune “American Hearts” comes in, “You’re part of it.” Do you have your own list of top 10 albums or top 10 singles you’d like to share with the I Rock Cleveland community? Send it in. Do you have your own opinion on the Excellence in Awesomeness, Grand Michael Stanley Band, New Kid on the Rock Block, and Rusty Shovel Awards? Send ’em in. Perhaps, you’d rather list 10 artists from 2007 who should never play another note. You can do that, too. Do you have a list of the top 10 reasons why the Cleveland Browns will win the Super Bowl? Go for it. You can send in your top 10 new foods, top 10 Sci-Fi Channel Original Movies, or top ten favorite Amy Winehouse wasted moments. Have fun with it.

To have your year end list considered for inclusion in the I Rock Cleveland Extravaganza Bonanza, send an email to irockcleveland at gmail dot com with the subject line “Best of 2007” no later than Monday, December 17th. The best responses will be published next week. Lastly, I’d like to request that at the very least you include a first name and hometown in your response, and if you’re in a band, or work for label, or are involved in the local scene in any way, include your relevant title. It’s only fair that if you submit a list of 10 reasons why The Sad Sacks of Hackensack are the best band in all the land, you let us know that you play bass in The Sad Sacks.