The math gets a little complicated, so get your pencil and paper ready:

2 Cities (Cleveland and Akron)
2 Nights (Friday and Saturday)
2 Record Stores (Music Saves in Cleveland and Square Records in Akron)
2 Venues (Beachland Tavern in Cleveland on Friday night and Musica in Akron on Saturday night)
4 bands, 2 from each city, picked by the record store in each city (Coffinberry and Afternoon Naps from Cleveland and Trouble Books and Radar Secret Service from Akron)
4 PBR tall boys (one during each band, multiply by two if you plan on going both nights)
$5 (cost of admission, again, multiply by two for two nights of entertainment)

Add it all together and you get the 4th Annual Cleveland-Akron Gift Exchange presented by Music Saves and Square Records.