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I Rock Cleveland I Rock Cleveland | 2008 | January


Festival 71 Revisited

I brought my camera and took no pictures. I had my notebook, but barely wrote any notes. I did catch eight out of the ten Cleveland and Columbus ...
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"The Modern Leper" by Frightened Rabbit

Cheer Up, Frightened Rabbit. Why are you so glum? I've never been to Scotland, but the rain can't be as bad as a Cleveland winter. We barely ...
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“Your Movement” by The Shackletons

Recent coverage by Aversion and Idolator brought me back to The Shackletons, a band first covered on I Rock Cleveland way back in August 06. ...
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Vampire Weekend vs The Rockometer

Vampire WeekendVampire WeekendXL RecordingsThere's so much wrong with Vampire Weekend, where do you start? For one, with comfortable backgrounds ...
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“Idle Hands” by The Gutter Twins

What can you learn from a name? When the band name is (I'm not making this up) Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, not much. However, when that name ...
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Times New Viking to Headline Festival 71 This Saturday Night

It would have to take something special to make me miss a Supersuckers show on a Saturday night, and Radio Dystopia's Festival 71 is just that kind ...
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Twofer Thursday: The Child Ballads and Biirdie

Way back in 97, Stuart Lupton and his band Jonathan Fire*Eater were tipped as the next big thing. You may have missed it. They went from next ...
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Black Mountain’s In the Future Sends The Rockometer to 11

Black MountainIn the FutureJagjaguwarOh, holy mother of rock, Black Mountain slays. F*ckin' A, do they slay. The guitars on "Tyrants" and "Bright ...
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