Late last fall, Audio Eagle Records released A Compilation of Bands from Ohio, which as the title would imply, was a sampling of underground music from the major metros in the Buckeye state, and although I already owned releases by more than half of the acts included in the mix, I still managed to find some fresh sounds. It served as my introduction to the Columbus post-rock band, Brainbow, a group who went on to outperform the headlining act, Kinski, during their last stop in town, and it was also my first encounter with the savage, psychedelic sounds of Akron’s Hell’s Information.

Part Seventies stoner rock, and part British feedback freaks, Hell’s Information draw evenly from two distinct psychedelic traditions on their debut LP Rad Battle. On numbers like “Song Four,” from the Audio Eagle comp, and the instrumental jam, “Song Six,” they take a big guitar riff and run with it, while on “Song Seven” they stay heavy and steady with a dark, rumbling drone.

MP3: Hell’s Information – Song Seven

Hell’s Information will be the opening act at the Beachland Tavern on Friday night on a HEAVY triple bill that also includes Teeth of The Hydra and This Moment in Black History.

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