Cheer Up, Frightened Rabbit. Why are you so glum? I’ve never been to Scotland, but the rain can’t be as bad as a Cleveland winter. We barely see the sun for months and everything’s varying shades of gray and beige, and we seem to hold it together. Ah, so it’s a woman who’s got you down, making you feel all crippled and decrepit. Fair enough. You know what makes me feel better when I’m bummin’? Guitars. There you go, plug ’em in, rev ’em up, just like you did on “The Greys.” Kill those blahs in the chorus with layered and loud guitars. Are we doing better now? I thought so.

MP3: Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper

Frightened Rabbit’s follow up to 07’s Sings the Greys, Midnight Organ Fight, will be out this April on Fat Cat Records.

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photo by Dave Gourley