I’ve changed up the MP3 links on the main page to incorporate Yahoo’s new media player. Next to each mp3 link, you’ll see a small play icon. Click on the icon and the mp3 will start streaming. This would also explain the gray box floating along the lower left corner of the page. Move your mouse over the floating gray box, and the player will expand. The small icon on the far left of the player will expand the playlist to enable you to play all mp3 links embedded on the page.

All mp3s can still be downloaded with a right-click and save-as if your a windows person. If you’re a Mac person, well, keep doing whatever it is you did to download.

I messed around with the Yahoo player for some time tonight and it seems to work really well. The only issue I’ve seen is that it gets a bit funky with dead links. As a general rule, if a post is no longer displayed on the main page, then there’s a good chance the mp3 link is dead.

The Yahoo! Web Music Player

Here’s a sample track with the new player:
MP3: Hell’s Information – Song Four

Update: Ok, I noticed a little funkiness. If you pause a track with the icon located next to the mp3 link, then move on to another track, sometimes it will resume from the previous track instead of starting the new track. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the floating player. Please let me know if you notice any other issues with the player.