One cd that’s been getting an awful lot of play in the IRC Soundsystem of late is Every Joke is Half the Truth by NYC artist Leah Hayes and her band Scary Mansion. My first exposure to this lovely, young songstress with a baseball bat was through the Indie Rock smash or trash website, Our Stage, a few months back. I had to wade through trash piled upon trash piled upon even more trash, but thanks to a little perseverance and lots of boredom, I finally found a smash in “Sorry We Took All Yr Money,” a dark, mischievous, folk number anchored by Hayes’ expressive, captivating voice, oddly paired with a propulsive (albeit reserved) rhythm more common to NYC dance punk. Although Hayes may say she’s repentant, I’m not totally convinced she’s sorry about taking the money. C’mon, she’s holed up in her bedroom with a baseball bat. That says to me, “Yes, I took your money, now what are you going to do about it sucka’?”

MP3: Scary Mansion – Sorry We Took All Yr Money

Bonus Non-Album Cut:
MP3: Scary Mansion – Popular (Nada Surf Cover)

Every Joke is Half the Truth is out now on Zum.

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photo by Sara Tew