If you’re about to play the new Breeders track, “Bang On,” and you’re hoping to hear the next “Cannonball,” you may want to consider heading to the bargain bins at your nearest used CD store where you’ll still find four of five copies of Last Splash with the original “Cannonball.” With its ghetto-tech rhythm section, and nothing more than fleeting notes from the guitar, “Bang On,” can be a bit disorienting for alterna-teen refugees. Yet, there’s something reassuring in hearing Kim Deal’s voice after all these years. She still sounds youthful, innocent, and secretly mischievous, as she repeats lines like, “I love no one/And no one loves me,” and “I want no one/And no one wants me.”

MP3: The Breeders – Bang On

Mountain Battles by The Breeders will be out April 8th on 4AD, and they will be supporting their new disc with an extensive European and North American tour. A Cleveland date is set for June 3rd at The House of Blues.

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photo by Chris Glass