Little things like being in tune and playing in time don’t matter much to the Lawrence, Kansas outfit Boo and Boo Too. Words like jangly, loose, reckless, and ramshackle can’t even begin to describe this one. “David Turns a Mystic plays like a throwback to the sloppy, slacker bands of days gone by — the keyboards are always slightly off key, there’s a guitar solo wandering around, seemingly oblivious to the rhythm section, and varying degrees of re-verb and feedback cover nearly every track. Yet, even as you wonder whether everyone’s on the same page, let alone in the same band, they manage to keep things from careening out of control for four minutes, and out of this haphazard “arrangement” emerges a pop song, a damn fine pop song at that.

MP3: Boo and Boo Too – David Turns a Mystic

The Boo and Boo Too EP is out now on Iron Paw Records, and the appropriately titled full length, No Tempo, is due out later this year.

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