Say what you will about Pitchfork (Go ahead, say it), but they just launched their music video channel, Pitchfork TV, and it’s really, f’n rad. Check out the first episode of Pitchfork Live with a breakneck performance by the master of the shredding, Flying V guitar, Jay Reatard, and then tell me that this site isn’t going to kill your productivity at work.

OK, I’ll admit it. If The View had Jay Reatard as a guest, I’d likely be saying that The View is the most rad show in the history of TV. Yet, even if Pitchfork.TV didn’t launch with a Jay Reatard concert, one would have to impressed by the quality of the site. The a/v is crisper and clearer than your typical streaming video, and some of the contest is even downloadable. You can take a piece of Jay Reatard with you wherever you go. Now, how cool is that? So cool, it would still be cool if it was Sufjan Stevens.

VIDEO – Jay Reatard – It’s So Easy (Right click, Save as)

Jay Reatard – On It’s Such a Shame

Jay Reatard on Pitchfork Live