I’m still trying to take in all of The Black Angels’ latest, Directions to See a Ghost. Its deep, rumbling grooves drone on and on for over 70 minutes. And that’s the sober running time. If you’re high, it runs closer to three hours, two bags of Cheetos, and one DiGiorno over fresh pizza. Not that I would know anything about smoking out to psychedelic tunes and having to stop the cd around track six so I could run out to the grocery store ’cause I couldn’t get munching off my mind. Nor do I know anything about crashing on the couch with the cd on repeat and keeping the neighbors up all night. It’s an old apartment building and the floor rumbles all the time for no reason at all. My information comes from this guy I know who’s shown himself to be a very reliable source in the past. This same source also tells me that track two, “Doves,” happens to be one of the tap jams on Directions to See a Ghost. Like I said, he’s a good man. Very trustworthy.

MP3: The Black Angels – Doves

Directions to see a ghost is available now in digital form with the physical release happening on May 13th. Light in the Attic is currently running a sweet pre-order deal where if you order the disc at a participating record store (like Music Saves in Cleveland) you get a download code for a digital copy of the album now, as well as a voucher for a bonus EP when your physical copy arrives.

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Photo by Briana Purser