If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re like me, on a lifelong quest to find your next favorite artist. You read, download, stream, and save everything you can from the most obscure parts of the internet hoping to get your next fix. Whether it’ s new noise old noise, rock, punk, psych, or folk, it doesn’t matter as long as it kicks. And with all the sounds and all the chatter coming from the usual hot spots like Williamsburg, Baltimore, Los Angeles, or London, it’s easy to forget that music isn’t about being in on the latest trened, or having the right look and the right connections, or getting a “Best New Music” review on Pitchfork. None of that makes you great. Sometimes, the best new music can be as simple as a voice, a message, and a guitar, like this video of Billy Bragg performing a solo, electric version of “O Freedom.”

Bonus MP3: Billy Bragg – O Freedom (Album Version)

Mr Love and Justice by Billy Bragg will be out April 22nd on Anti- Records. The deluxe edition contains a second disc of Bragg performing each track solo and electric, just like the good old days of Life’s a Riot with Spy vs Spy. Additionally, the Mr Love and Justice webiste is now showing videos for all of Bragg’s solo performances on the tracks from Mr Love and Justice.

Billy Bragg (Mr Love and Justice)

Anti Records