*No matter how you try to measure it, the first Record Store Day in Cleveland has to be considered a success. If you want to go by pure numbers, then I can tell you that the cash registers at Music Saves were ringing all day on Saturday and Kevin and Melanie did enough business to feed their noses bottom line cat, Vinyl.

Yet, the true impact of an event like Record Store Day, can’t be measured in terms of dollars and cents. It was an event for the entire Cleveland music community. A couple blocks down on Waterloo, Exit Stencil Records threw a party to show office their new office and recording studio, and later in the night, two local bands, Hot Cha Cha and To Be a High Powered Executive played the Beachland Tavern.

Let me say this about Hot Cha Cha, they are without a doubt, one of the hottest bands in town these days. These four photogenic young ladies from Cleveland, have been building an old fashioned buzz with their wild, energetic, and engaging live sets. Saturday night, frontwoman Jovana Batkovic was in top form — sporting her best thrift store bathing suit, paired with bright yellow tights, she was working the crowd, climbing anything she could find to climb around the stage, playing her tambourine with the ceiling fan, and basically doing what you don’t see too many bands so these days, having fun up there. Oh, and they rocked pretty damn hard, too.

Opening band, To Be a High Powered Executive were in top form as well. I wasn’t terribly impressed by this Cleveland post-rock band the last time I saw them play five months ago when they opened for A Place to Bury Strangers. Maybe I caught them on a bad night. Or, maybe, just like any other young band, they just needed time to get their sound right. Whatever the case, they brought it Saturday and they brought it loud. I’m including an MP3, but believe me, what they put down on record doesn’t do them justice.

MP3: Hot Cha Cha – J’accuse
MP3: To Be a High Powered Executive – The Secret of Silent Dreams and Shattered Fucks

*Still a baby in internet age, and Pitchfork TV continues to school their rivals with class content. Today they debuted an episode of Juan’s Basement with LA noise punks No Age. What a great setting for this duo who made their name playing LA’s now famous DIY venue, The Smell.

Video: No Age – Eraser (Live at Juan’s Basement)

*This clip isn’t a debut per se, but Matador Records just posted an amazing live video of Mission of Burma performing “Trem Two” during one of their final shows in 1983. The entire concert at The Bradford Hotel in Boston can be found on the bonus disc of the recently reissued Vs. In one word, it’s surreal.

Video: Mission of Burma – Trem Two (Live at The Bradford Hotel, Boston 1983)

*The year’s in the making third album by English trip hop pioneers, Portishead, the not so cleverly named Third, isn’t due out until next Tuesday, but you can hear it in its entirety now on Last FM.

*Lastly, the long rumored, and much, much, much anticipated Black Angels and Warlocks show, which I amazingly didn’t leak before the official announcement, will take place Wednesday, June 25th at The Beachland Ballroom.