Here’s an update on a couple stories we’ve been following here at The I Rock Cleveland World Headquarters Newsdesk:

*Wristbands for the free Black Keys show at the Beachland Tavern Wednesday night will be distributed starting at 2 PM on Wednesday (one per person). That means if you’re a working man like me, you better start thinking about your sick call now. I recommend diarrhea. No one will question it. No one will want to talk about it. Your call to your boss will go down something like this, “Hi, I’m not feeling well today, I’ve got diarrhea.” Your boss will say, “Oh…” There will be a little awkward silence, and then you’ll have the rest of the day free for standing in line. Just be careful with the diarrhea excuse, as it’s a lot like the dead relative line. You can’t use it every time you need a day off, or people will start to question it. In a little more pleasant news, Cleveland’s Black Girls scored the opening slot for the show that every band in town desired. Here’s hoping they need an extra tambourine player on Wednesday. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.

*As expected, a new Nine Inch Nails album hit the internets early this morning. The Slip is 100% free, no strings attached, to anyone with a valid email address. It’s available in a variety of high quality download formats including MP3, Flac, and high quality WAV. A physical release will follow this summer. Also of note, is that The Slip was issued with a Creative Commons Share and Share Alike license, meaning that you’re free to pretty much do whatever you want to do with it as long as it’s not used for profit. The Slip