This week has seen two new videos released for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ most excellent new album, Dig Lazarus Dig. I’ve already said plenty about this release, but I realize there’s some of you out there who may not be in to the whole wordy thing, and missed the fact that Nick Cave and Co. have released one of the year’s best albums. So, here’s your second chance, and there’s no reading involved. Just sit back and watch.

The video for “More News From Nowhere” is everything you’d expect it to be: There’s strippers and acrobatic pole dances, seedy men, lonely men, lots of booze, and one really cool dude (Nick Cave) shimmying on stage. While “Night of the Lotus Eaters” has a similar dark vibe about it, with Cave and the Bad Seeds shrouded mostly in black and scenes of riots fading in and out of the background in an ominous blue haze. Together, these two videos provide a great visual to the powerful urban poetry of Cave, and its portrayal of the forgotten, unsavorable, and lost souls found during his journey through the American underground.

More News From Nowhere

Night of the Lotus Eaters

YOUTUBE: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – More News from Nowhere
YOUTUBE: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Night of the Lotus Eaters

Dig Lazarus Dig! is out now on Anti- Records

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
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