Grails instrumental psych jams are as ideal for exploring the inner workings of the human mind as they are for soundtracking your journey to exotic, far off lands (in person, or through Discovery HD, for the less well to do). Or, as noted on Paper Thin Walls, they’d also provide the perfect accompaniment for any adventures encountered while digging for the Ark of the Covenant, The Holy Grail, or a Crystal Skull.

On “Take Refuge,” the standout cut from the Portland band’s latest long player, Take Refuge in Clean Living, East meets West, as Oriental sounds and spectral spookiness mingle and twist within a post-rock pattern, as the more Western elements slyly construct ornately detailed movements on their way to a grand, staggering crescendo. Although the track length may claim eight minutes, “Take Refuge” stretches beyond notions of time and space, to a place where only the mind and music matter.

MP3: Grails – Take Refuge

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Take Refuge in Clean Living by Grails is out now on Important Records.

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