Admittedly, this joke would be funnier if I didn’t have to explain it, but for those of you not from Clevo, I’ll let you in on the funny. You see, Crocker Park is one of those new fangled urban lifestyle shopping centers located far enough from the city center so rich, suburban white people can comfortably shop in an urban environment without encountering those things that make shopping in a real urban environment unpleasant for rich, suburban white people (i.e., people who aren’t white). Now, when you take the “o,” in Crocker Park, change it to an “a,” you get Cracker Park: another nice, clean, “urban” utopia for white people.

“Cracker Park,” the song, is a utopia for an etirely different set of white people: those who were raised on Archers of Loaf, Pavement, and other noisy, slacker bands from the Nineties. After a quiet opening, shattering waves of guitar obscure everything else in the mix, and for lovers of that ragged, ramshackle guitar sound, spending time at this “Cracker Park,” really is a good time.

MP3: Chum – Cracker Park

Chum’s debut release, the EP! ep, is out now, but may be a bit difficult to track down. You can try being friendly on myspace, or catch the band at one of their shows around town, the next one being July 8th with Hot Cha Cha and Six Gallery at The Tower 2012.

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